Tuesday, July 30, 2019

NOERDEN Introduces LIZ Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle with Hydration Reminders

Featuring UV Sterilization, Next-Gen Smart Bottle Helps Users Live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle; Indiegogo Campaign Launches to Fund Product’s Final Development

(Paris, France) – NOERDEN today introduced LIZ Smart Bottle. A next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with UV sterilization & hydration reminders, LIZ helps users live a healthier, active lifestyle by providing them with clean drinking water and reminders to stay hydrated. The Indiegogo Campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $20,000 USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $49, as well as several other rewards for backers.

Featuring a touch responsive smart lid with a built-in UV-C light, LIZ Smart Bottle destroys up to 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria. Users will simply need to tap the lid twice to start the sterilization process, which sends the UV-C light through the empty bottle or through the water in the bottle to destroy bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA.  The LED indicator will stop flashing when the sterilization is complete.  By sterilizing the bottle and the water, LIZ Smart Bottle allows users to drink clean!

LIZ Smart Bottle keeps users’ favorite beverages hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (up to 24 hours) and will remind them to drink every 2 hours thanks to its smart hydration reminders. The touch responsive smart lid can also indicate the temperature range of the beverage inside. By tapping once on the smart lid, the LED will blink in the color corresponding to the beverage’s temperature range: blue for cold, yellow for warm or red for hot.

“Water makes up 60% of bodies and 85% of people’s brains,” said Christophe Cermolacce , Founder and General Manager at NOERDEN. “Even a 2% drop in our hydration level can cause immediate physical tiredness and loss of concentration. A healthy adult requires 1.5-2L of water per day, but in fact 75% of people suffer from dehydration. With LIZ’s smart hydration reminders, users are reminded every 2 hours to drink.”

Available in 2 sizes (16oz and 12oz) and a variety of colors (small bottles: white, blue and pink / large bottles: black, white and red), LIZ Smart Bottle delivers a great user experience in a lightweight, elegantly designed bottle built from durable materials (vacuum insulated surgical grade stainless steel and a Tritan anti-leak lid made of food-grade BPA-free plastic), making it the perfect reusable solution to stay hydrated on the go.  

Other features include:
- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Sustainable certifications such as RoHS and CE for being heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly
- Anti-slip grip and carabiner
- Fits standard cup holder
- Dishwasher safe
- Rechargeable Lithium battery (6 months with 1 UV sterilization/day) with low battery warning
- Magnetic USB Charging Cable

For more information, visit www.noerden.eu.


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