Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Golf Startup Goes "ALL-IN" Airing National Commercial During ESPN's Final Table Broadcast of WSOP

Creators of Wide Open Tee release televised invitation aimed at attracting investor buy-in

(DALLAS) — Have you ever seen poker on the golf course? The eye-catching commercial, which is self-funded, is being aired to draw investor attention towards this newly invented golf app.  Wide Open Tee, stemming from just an "idea" has been developed over the last two years with nearly one half-million invested by its owners.  After years of research and putting the right team in-place, they are now advancing golf booking as we know it. The golf app, which is patent pending, allows golfers to view how crowded nearby courses are, in real-time. Its technology displays color-coded results, showing golf courses with quicker play and less crowded wait times.

The commercial brilliantly uses the "all-in" poker theme to dually imply, invest all-in, and drop what you're doing when the course is wide open.  The company, who recently launched its product in June, is no stranger to television advertisement.  Currently, you can see its product air on Golf Channel daily.  The bold idea to release an investor invitation, came when the company's media representative called with good news. Wide Open Tee aired during live broadcast of World Series of Poker – FINAL TABLE on ESPN July 16 which met the owner's proclamations, that a huge correlation exists between guys who golf, watch poker.  

How about self-funding this bold attempt? CEO, Tyler New replied; "bold sells and sometimes paying the price of admission to attract the right investor is worth it.  High net-worth individuals watching poker, is an ideal partner." He further suggested, his marketing role model is Bob Parsons of GoDaddy and PXG, by saying … "He gets it.  His products are superior and his commercials are bold."  Tyler's inspiration also derived from watching HBO series Silicon Valley, while emphasizing "with the right backing, our product is ready for explosion."  Plans of Super Bowl advertising are in this CEO's mind.

However, the company was very close to suspending the release due to a last minute loss of location.  That is until an energetic call came from David Rems, GM at Denton Country Club (Argyle, TX) in-which owners of WOT stated "This was a miracle in disguise.  Not only was the staff over accommodating, the course is a hidden gem with elevated tree-top views, perfect for filming."

Already, over 7,000 public golf courses are within Wide Open Tee's system offering.  Plans to expand this utility patent application into individual private clubs is certainly on the company's horizon.  "Having protected the product and its concept entirely, the future is exclusively wide open for expansion into private clubs.  We have had numerous members at various clubs ask if the product is available at their private course," says CEO Tyler New.

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