Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mike Aldrich named Chief Operating Officer at LOOPER Caddies On Demand

Former PGA official accepts full-time position with fast-growing caddie app

(Haymarket, VA) – LOOPER Caddies On Demand, a new app bringing loopers back to the game of golf, has hired PGA Player Development Manager Mike Aldrich as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Caddie Enrichment.

Mike Aldrich
A PGA Certified Professional who has been involved with golf for more than a quarter of a century, Aldrich will join the burgeoning on-demand caddie company full time on September 1, 2017, while ensuring a smooth transition in his current position at the PGA in the interim.  He has served in an advisory role since the company was founded in 2015.

LOOPER Caddies On Demand has created a shared-economy app, in the model of popular ride- sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  The new user-friendly marketplace is gaining popularity in the golf industry given how easy it is for golfers to book caddies, for caddies to find work, and for courses to offer caddie services.

Aldrich brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the golf business to the company at a time when it is growing and expanding into new markets across the country.  As a pro from 2006 to 2009, amid the recession, he led his small staff to increase rounds by 28% and revenue by 47%. Aldrich then spent the next three years elevating the Youth Development Program at a private club by 190%, which had the effect of increasing overall club revenue by 22%.

In 2012, Aldrich was chosen by the PGA of America as a Player Development Consultant.  He was one of only nine PGA Professionals in the country selected to lead their peers in driving rounds and revenue through elevated consumer engagement. In this role, he consulted with over 200 facilities, providing an opportunity to recognize the behaviors of clubs that are successful, and those that struggle.

He played a major part in helping his fellow professionals succeed through initiatives such as “Get Golf Ready” and PGA Junior League Golf.  Under his watch during the last four years at the PGA, the PGA Junior League expanded from dozens of players to now more than 41,000.

“Mike Aldridge has an impeccable reputation and successful track record of innovation and revenue growth throughout his career in golf,” said Dave Cavossa, LOOPER Caddies On Demand Founder and CEO. “He is uniquely qualified for this position.  He sees the big picture for us, as well as for our courses, and understands their day-to-day operations. His expertise and insight are a tremendous asset to us as we continue to add more golfers, caddies and courses.”

Aldrich is looking forward to coming on board. “This is a great opportunity,” Aldrich said. “I love taking on new projects and challenging experiences. LOOPER Caddies On Demand is completely revamping the old caddie model, which was inefficient, costly and demanding.

I have run small caddie programs at several clubs in the past, and loved working with the caddies and golfers. However, it took a lot of money and time to run a caddie program to make a dozen or so golfers happy.  LOOPER brings caddies back in a way that is easy for courses to implement at no cost, provides an entry point to golf for young people, and makes caddies affordable and accessible for all golfers.

“Drawing more young people to the game is important to me, “ said Aldrich, who has been playing golf since he was seven.  “We developed a mission to bring caddies back to the game because we believe caddying has so many positives.  It provides immediate income, chances to play great courses and opens networking opportunities that can help teens and college students with their future careers. The lifetime impact can be immeasurable.”

To use the service, golfers simply download the LOOPER Caddies On Demand app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, and register.  After golfers enter the course, date and time they plan to play, they receive a confirmation notice from their looper, who will meet them at the course.  Fees range from $25 - $100, plus tip, depending on the golfer’s desired level of caddy experience. LOOPER Caddies On Demand offers four levels of caddie service: JR LOOPER, LOOPER, FORE-LOOPER and PRO-LOOPER. The company currently has agreements with 70+ courses in six states and has operated on 30 additional courses for special events, and both lists are growing.

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