Tuesday, August 15, 2017

KZG Introduces RSG Wedges

(PALM DESERT, Calif.) - KZG, the No. 1 Custom ProLine, launches the RSG Wedges, the ideal short game tools.

The RSG Wedges feature a classic profile with a standard grind. They are engineered with a slightly softened leading edge to preclude digging and a relieved trailing edge for shot versatility.

Every RSG Wedge features a micro-milled face and laser cut scorelines to assure increased spin rates from all lies and in all conditions. KZG uses a softer grade of stainless steel and heat treats the RSG clubheads to give a “Feel of Forged” without the cost of a forged clubhead. Each Wedge is beautifully balanced for consistent performance.

The RSG Wedges are best suited for those golfers playing on softer conditions. The relieved trailing edge aids the golfer in adapting to more mid to firm courses when needed. Traveling or tournament golfers who play in a myriad of course conditions will find that the RSG Wedges will give them the versatility they need to accommodate various conditions. For players who habitually play on harder conditions they may want to consider KZG’s XRS or XSC Wedges with a C Grind.

“KZG takes great pride in offering every golfer the design features suitable for their unique swing,” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. “The RSG is one of five models of wedges offered in a myriad of loft and bounce options to perfectly fit every conceivable golfer. We know the performance of the RSG Wedges will be ideal for so many golfers preferring the more popular standard grind and who play in softer conditions. And the RSG truly have the “Feel of Forged” at half the price.”

The RSG Wedges are available in a soft satin finish in the following lofts and bounce options:
- RH: 50,52,54, 56/8, 56/12, 58, 60/4, 60/10
- LH: 52, 56, 60

RSG Wedges are available solely through KZG Authorized Dealers. Every wedge will be personally fit and custom built for the golfer. MSRP starting at $139.00.

For more information on KZG products or KZG’s 3-Day Master Certification Program for Master Clubfitters, visit www.kzg.com or call 1-800-200-8800 or (760) 341-4433.

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