Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Product Review: Bermuda Sands Perfection

I’m on record as saying apparel is an important piece of golf “equipment.” That’s right ... what you wear can be every bit as crucial as what you clubs you swing and what balls you hit.

The guy with the $400 driver and $1,200 irons, who plays balls that cost $50 a dozen may be balking at that statement, but have him play in ill-fitting or inappropriate attire and he’ll come around to my side.

Fall is quickly approaching, but cooler weather doesn’t have to mean the end of golf season. That said, don’t go to your closet for your most comfortable sweatshirt or your favorite fleece jacket. Look into some cool-season layers.

Not sure where to start? Try Bermuda Sands.

While “Bermuda” and “Sands” may have you thinking about sipping on an umbrella drink in a tropical paradise, the company offers an excellent quarter zip called Perfection.

Mesh paneling under arms
Boastful? Maybe. Accurate? You bet.

The Perfection quarter-zip is thin, lightweight and ideal for cooler fall rounds when just a little added warmth is needed. It’s roomy enough to allow for freedom through your swing, but not so baggy as to obstruct. It’s made of 100% polyester to not only breath, but quickly absorb and wick away moisture from your body.

For those who run a little hot on the course ... Perfection has mesh paneling under arms for added breathability and movement during long days.

With sizes ranging from small to 3X, just about anyone can enjoy this beauty. Perfection comes with a MSRP of $75 and is offered in three colors - Blue Sky, Crimson and Black.

Learn more about Perfection and other offerings in both men’s and women’s styles at

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