Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Product Review: Zero Friction Universal-Fit Gloves

The golfer on your holiday shopping list has requested a new golf glove. Only one problem ... What size should you get? Adding to the possible confusion is the mysterious ML to the standard small-extra large options. Beyond that awaits the mind-boggling cadet range (designed for hands with shorter, wider fingers and wider palms). It’s almost enough to throw in the towel and opt for a sleeve of balls and bag of tees.

Mesh lycra provides the custom fit
But wait. Zero Friction has simplified the golf glove conundrum with Universal Fit models. Compression-fit technology ensures the glove will mold to a golfers hand. The secret is in the mesh lycra throughout the finger, palm and back of the hand. This not only provides a better fit, but also enhanced breathability.

We took a couple samples for some tests and can attest in the wide range of sizes these gloves fit. That said, tiny hands and monster paws will need gloves of their own.

The lime green glove (above) has more synthetic material than the 100-percent Cabretta leather option (white), but does offer a leather palm patch for added durability and comfort.

Both come with an added patch on the index finger, as well. This provides increased gripping. While I was initially concerned it would hurt feel, that was not the case. The patch should extend the life of the glove, too.

Another unique feature of both gloves was the detachable tee. I have pockets and use synthetic tees that rarely break, so I’m rarely in need of a tee on my glove, but it’s a nice touch if you like the little extras.

Zero Friction's three-prong tees
One thing I was VERY interested in was the material on the tip of the index finger that allows you to work with your smart phone or other touch screen devices. This is awesome, considering the widespread use of technology in today’s game - GPS, shot tracking, electronic scoring, etc.

Perhaps you’re more aware of Zero Friction in the tee market. Their three-prong performance tees have proven to increase distance over a wooden counterpart. Less resistance equals more distance, after all. But you’ve be well served to take a look at their gloves.

If you’re not completely happy with the feel of the universal-fit glove, return it unused for a full refund. It’s guaranteed.

Find out more at www.zerofriction.com.

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