Monday, December 21, 2015

Product Review: Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 Putter

I’ve read a lot of golf-related New Year’s resolutions lately. A close second to the “play more golf” statement is “make more putts.” Assuming your woes aren’t user error (clears throat sarcastically), you’re going to want a new putter. Check out the TFI (True Feel Innovation) 2135 from Cleveland Golf.

What’s so different about this putter? The raised alignment line helps regardless of where your eyes are in relation to the ball. Traditional blades have the alignment marking on the base of the putter, which is great if your eyes are directly over the ball. The marking on the 2135, however, fits the eye of golfers who are also inside or outside of the ball.

This concept may be confusing to some golfers who don’t delve into the technical side of the game. Pretend you’re lining up for a putt. Hold a ball at your eye and drop it. Your eye is directly over the spot where your ball lands - the ideal place in which to line up. That said, many of us line up closer to or farther from the ball than what’s “ideal.” That’s fine if you’re a feel putter, but if you’re relying on the alignment marking on your current putter, you may be missing the putter’s sweet spot and mishitting putts because of it.

During one of my worst bouts of bad putting, I tried to self-correct by moving closer to the ball. My thought was to use my feet as guides for the stroke. Unfortunately, moving so close to the ball put my eyes outside the ideal angle and caused even more issues. My stroke may have improved, but my contact and consistency suffered.

As for the 2135‘s face ... a milled copper infused face cap over a copolymer insert provides terrific feel.

Bottom line: Setting up perfectly is nearly impossible. Cleveland Golf’s alignment technology will help you to correctly align your putt no matter your set-up. As they say, “There are too many things to worry about when you're trying to putt to win the hole or save par. Alignment doesn't have to be one of them.”

Excellent feel and proper alignment are two major keys in making more putts. The TFI 2135 from Cleveland Golf provides both.

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Anonymous said...

As for perfect alignment , the best putter ever designed for this purpose is the PEGG PUTTER (r) ...Conform to the rule of golf by USGA and R&A . Nothing better than aligning from behind the head and ball..Check it !!!

Blogger said...

Checked it out. Looks good. I had never heard of the Pegg Putter. French company, I assume?