Wednesday, May 6, 2015

'The Squeeze' Getting Rave Reviews

(LOS ANGELES) - THE SQUEEZE, the new golf movie that debuted in mid-April, has already been receiving rave reviews from entertainment critics and golf media.

"Definitely two thumbs up for THE SQUEEZE," says Jeffrey Reed of " A new movie that scores an ace ... The golf shots are real, the acting believable and the plot entertaining."

Rick Limpert, a columnist for and TV personality in Atlanta agrees, adding that "Golf is a sport that once you start playing, you get hooked. The same can be said about … THE SQUEEZE."

Directed and written by Terry Jastrow, seven-time Emmy award winner and legendary sports producer, THE SQUEEZE is an ARC Entertainment caper about a humble young man from a small rural town who gets caught in between two notorious gamblers in high stakes golf matches until the stakes become life and death. It stars Jeremy Sumpter, Christopher McDonald and Katherine LaNasa. It's available through video on demand, digital download, and at select theaters.

Some of the many other glowing reviews include:
* "The Squeeze has one of the best opening five minutes of any movie I've ever watched … It was incredibly entertaining. Golfer or non-golfer will enjoy the cross-country style game they played."

* Kiel Christianson of "The remarkable characteristic of THE SQUEEZE is that the on-course action -- i.e. the golf -- is a real strength of the movie. The camera shots are major quality, and the courses, especially Wynn Las Vegas, are beautifully framed."

* Pete Wlodkowski of "THE SQUEEZE is a story that keeps you guessing, and one that is filled with little twists and turns that lead their way into the inevitable, a life-and-death match.

* Golf Writer, Steven Austin: "Combine the entertaining and surprising elements of award-winning classic movies, The Sting and American Hustle, with some sweet golf action and you have THE SQUEEZE, a delightfully addictive adventure that grabs you from its first scene."

THE SQUEEZE is will be available on DVD and Video on Demand, June 9.

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