Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Gold Standard: VICE Golf Earns Two Gold Medals On Golf Digest’s 'Hot List'

Great Quality, Low Prices Add Up To A Golden Deal

(Munich, Germany) - VICE Golf, the German-based golf-ball company that markets its products exclusively over the internet and has been selling in the U.S. for only six months, has been awarded Gold Medals for two of its four ball models in the newly published Golf Digest “Hot List.”

In the “Hot List” revealed on May 5 and featured in the magazine’s June issue, VICE was awarded Gold Medals for its Pro and new Pro Plus balls. The Pro Plus was just introduced this month. VICE is the only “small” golf-ball company honored with the golf award.

The Pro and Pro Plus received the Gold Medal based on their ratings in four categories. They were awarded five out of five stars in Performance, four-and-a-half stars in both Innovation and Feel, and one star in Demand.

“We are thrilled and honored to have been awarded two Gold Medals,” said Rainer Stoeckl and Ingo Dullmann, who founded VICE in 2012 to offer the highest quality products directly to consumers with value pricing by selling exclusively online. “We always knew we were making the best golf balls, and it’s wonderful that Golf Digest, the world’s leading golf publication, agrees. To be able to buy high-performance golf balls like Pro and Pro Plus at these low prices speaks exactly to what VICE is all about. We want to earn more stars in the future for ‘demand.’”

The Pro ball, which is available in bright White, Neon (lime), and Flamingo (pink), is a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover, designed for long distance and soft feel. The new Pro Plus, released to the public in the last few weeks, is a four-piece ball with a cast urethane cover and two layers surrounding the High Energy Speed Core. The Pro Plus will help a wide range of golfers looking for long distance, outstanding control, low trajectory, and quick stopping on the green.

VICE Golf ball prices may be purchased for as low as $14.95 per dozen for the Tour balls.  The Gold Medal balls are $34.95 a dozen, but the cost drops to $29.95 per dozen when purchasing three or four dozen, and to $24.95 per dozen for five or more. All balls are available at www.vicegolf.com/us.

According to VICE, the Pro performs comparably to Titleist’s Pro V1, the best-selling ball in the world, but at about half the price. The Pro Plus is comparable to Titleist’s other best seller, the Pro V1x.

In the article that accompanies the list of medal winners, it reads, “Premium multilayer balls with urethane covers generally are superior because they perform well throughout the bag.” In describing the two VICE balls, Golf Digest’s editors wrote, “Multiple layers with a urethane cover offer the tour-desired mix of low driver spin and high wedge spin.”

“The gold medals validate what we’re doing, having fun and being different,” said Stoeckl and Dullmann. “It’s very exciting that an important magazine like Golf Digest agrees that having a VICE is a good thing.”

VICE Golf makes two other balls—the lower-priced, more mass-market Drive and Tour—as well as limited-edition hats and a newly announced glove, the Pure, all available only from the company’s website.

To order products or for additional information about this highly innovative company and its range of distinctive products for the discriminating golfer visit http://www.vicegolf.com/us.

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