Thursday, April 9, 2015

James Hahn Wrote a 'Letter to My Younger Self' for The Players' Tribune

James Hahn has an amazing story. From shoe salesman at Nordstrom to PGA Tour winner, Hahn shares advice he would share with his younger self in these excerpts from a "Letter to My Former Self" for The Players' Tribune.

As a kid:
"You’re about eight years old, growing up in Alameda, California, watching golf greats like Greg Norman, Nick Faldo and Chi-Chi Rodriguez. You can grow up and be like them one day. Everything in life is attainable. You can do whatever you want and be whomever you want to be. Keep dreaming big but know that there are hundreds of thousands of kids with the same aspirations as you. Some are even more dedicated to their craft than you are — so work harder."

As a struggling mini-tour player:
"Being frugal earlier on in your career will help you more than you’ll ever know. It’s OK to have one pair of jeans. It’s OK to have one pair of shoes. It’s OK to stay at cheap hotels. When everyone else on the tour is out ordering Patron shots all night, opt to babysit your beer. You didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth, so you can’t afford to keep up with these people who did."

As a PGA Tour winner:
"At the 2015 Northern Trust Open, you’ll play some of the best golf of your life. You’ve made all the right decisions and sacrifices to earn a PGA Tour victory. All you have to do is execute. You deserve to be a tournament champion."

"When you do win and get interviewed, make sure you thank your parents first. You know they’re watching and crying. Acknowledge that it was a team victory. You didn’t do this on your own. Their support from Day 1 helped you get to this moment."

As a new dad:
"Seven days later, you will go out with fellow Tour golfer Matt Jones. You deserve to celebrate your victory but one tequila shot is enough. Do. Not. Get. Hammered. The next day, being hungover while your wife goes into labor is not fun. You are not 21 anymore."

"Assuming you don’t listen to my advice, at least the pain of your hangover will be washed away when you first lock eyes with your daughter. It will be the most beautiful experience you ever have in your life. It is OK to cry. Her birth represents a new beginning. You have a greater responsibility to take care of her and your wife."

Read the entire article HERE.

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