Wednesday, January 11, 2012

STX Golf Announces Face Insert Expansion as Company Moves to Attract Another Segment of Market

(BALTIMORE, MD) - STX Golf, world-renowned as an industry pioneer in putter innovation, and for its patented Soft Face Insert Technology, announced the company's new 2012 STX putter line-up will include new proprietary inserts that are manufactured in the United States and are developed specifically for "feel."

STX Golf coined for "Changing the Face of Putting" literally with their interchangeable technology developed and patented the first soft face insert in 1980. These USGA approved polymer blended inserts increase "dwell time" which provides better control, less skidding, and a truer roll. The performance characteristics of the STX soft face inserts are undeniable and the soft feel is unique. However, there is portion of the golfing community that prefers the firmness and auditory responses from stainless steel.

To address and attract these golfers, STX Golf's team of engineers developed two totally new proprietary face inserts based on "Feel." The first model is a stainless steel face insert with a Deep Diamond mill pattern that will provide golfers with a solid feel upon ball contact and provides the standard metal sound associated with most modern stainless steel putters. The second insert is made with a highly engineered thermoset insert. It too is denser than the STX soft face inserts but is more malleable than the steel and promotes the highest coefficient of friction to maximize forward spin and feel.

According to STX Director of Golf Steve Henneman, "We are truly excited to launch both of these new face inserts. They are completely new, innovative, and proprietary properties that should help the company reach a new golfing audience."

Both of these STX face inserts will be available on the new X-Form Series of Putters. A line of stainless steel putters that are 100% machine milled and embody the artistry and performance STX has long been known for. The X-Form Series features the X1, X2, and X3 blade styled putters. The X4 is an ultra modern mallet. The company will be officially launching the entirely new line at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.


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