Thursday, January 12, 2012

SCOR Golf Recognized by 2012 Golf Digest Hot List

(Victoria, TX) – SCOR Golf, a division of Eidolon Brands, announced that its innovative SCOR4161 wedges and short irons are included in the prestigious 2012 Golf Digest Hot List. The Hot List is the annual process that arrives at the most comprehensive ranking of the best new clubs in golf. The SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs won a silver award in the wedges category with four and one half stars in the “performance” and “look/sound/feel” ratings and four stars in “innovation.”

“We are honored by Golf Digest’s recognition as an emerging leader in the scoring club category,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR Golf. “The judging panel for the Hot List includes some of the industry’s leading experts as well as a representation of the ‘everyman’ golfer. For SCOR Golf to be recognized right alongside the best-known brands is great testament to our innovation, technology, and performance for golfers of all skill levels.

“With only four months in the marketplace, SCOR and our product line doesn’t yet have the retail distribution or huge marketing budget to have scored in the “Demand” category, yet we held our own with the major brands based solely on performance. Only one other wedge scored higher in that category than our SCOR4161,” added Koehler. “Across the entire spectrum of Hot List testing – drivers, irons, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges and putters – SCOR is the only niche company to have placed this high. We are thrilled that our innovation and performance has been so highly recognized by the testers.”
Highlights of the Hot List review include:
-“Not simply a wedge, this is a dynamic theory about short-game set makeup.”
-“The sole design is a proven quantity.”
-“You can really knock this down. Exquisite for the low spinner.”
-”In the bunker, each shot had the right amount of nip and zip.”

The company received an early indication that they made an impact during Hot List testing in October, when one of the invited testers called SCOR Golf to order a full set of five SCOR4161 scoring clubs. Then, immediately after seeing them, his best golf buddy ordered a set of his own.

“You guys really had them talking,” this customer told SCOR Golf. “People were asking each other, ‘who are these guys?’, because no one had ever heard of SCOR, but when they hit the clubs, they immediately saw that these were truly something different from the rank-and-file wedges from the major brands. I voted with my wallet and bought a full set immediately after returning home.”

Since 2004, Golf Digest has conducted extensive testing of all new clubs that are coming to market each spring. The February “Hot List” issue has become one of the biggest selling issues of the year. The list is typically dominated by major brands which enjoy powerful market awareness, and rarely do products from upstart companies present such a compelling package of innovation that historic demand has to be discounted in the scoring.


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