Saturday, January 21, 2012

PowerBilt's New Air Force One DF Driver Combines Deep Face with Nitrogen Technology for 'Unmatched Power'

(THOUSAND PALMS, Calif.) - What do you get when you combine PowerBilt's highly acclaimed Nitrogen-Charged technology with a deep-face driver? "Unmatched power and accuracy," says Ross Kvinge, president of PowerBilt, the only brand in the world that has continuously made hi-end golf clubs for nearly a century.

"The deep face makes a difference," adds Kvinge, referring to the new Air Force One DF driver. "Basically, we've developed a driver with a face that's 5 millimeters taller - or deeper - than the previous model. Combine that with nitrogen and you get the driver that consistently hits it long and straight no matter where the ball is struck on the face."

The challenge in today's hi-tech driving market is figuring out how to maximize driving distance within USGA limits. "There's no question that we put more technology in a driver than any other club maker," says Kvinge. "Let me prove it by counting the ways."

First and foremost is PowerBilt's patented Nitrogen-Charged technology which is found only in Air Force One clubs. By filling the clubhead with nitrogen gas, no internal bracing is needed for the clubface. At the same time, the clubface is milled remarkably thin. The face thickness is only 2.8 mm while other high-end drivers are more than 3 mm. The thinnest face in golf combined with no internal bracing creates maximum rebound effect across more of the clubface.

Secondly, the deep face helps with distance in two ways. It creates a more square face, which reflexes better and more consistently than a more rectangular face. It also reduces ball spin, which creates longer drives. And for golfers with extremely fast swing speeds, reduced ball spin can cure the distance-killing balloon effect.

The third reason the Air Force One DF is the most technology rich driver on the market is the shaft. Fujikura, one of the most popular driver shafts on the PGA Tour, has developed a proprietary shaft designed to complement the performance of the Air Force One DF clubhead. With the Fujikura proprietary shaft, the Air Force One DF's suggested retail price is $249. It's also available with Fujikura's highly acclaimed Motore shaft with an MSRP of $299.

PowerBilt is also introducing a fitting kit, which will enable key accounts to offer various branded shafts. "Each golfer has unique swing characteristics," adds Kvinge. "And with the fitting kit, our key accounts which really know how to custom fit a golfer will be able to match the appropriate shaft with our Nitrogen-Charged technology. That's giving a golfer the ultimate driver."

The finishing touch on the Air Force One DF driver is the attractive all-white crown that features an ultra-hard satin coating and a black PVD finish on the sole, meaning it will keep its handsome appearance for years to come.

All the improvements to the Air Force One DF driver are incorporated into the fairway woods, which are available in 15- and 19-degree lofts. The ultra-thin face is only 1.6 mm. The high MOI head is made of 17-4 stainless steel and has the Fujikura stock shaft. The price is $149.99. The hybrid clubs have the same features and construction and are available in 20-, 23- and 26-degree lofts. Fujikura is the stock shaft. The cost is $119.99.

"PowerBilt has something no other club-maker can offer - and that's Nitrogen-Charged Technology," states Kvinge. "We're winning customers from the megabrands because they've tried it and they've seen that nitrogen is a game changer. While we don't have the marketing muscle of the publicly owned brands, we're proving that innovation can go hand-in-hand with a traditional brand like PowerBilt."


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