Thursday, January 19, 2012

PGA of America Jobs, Employment Services

Initiative kicks off 11th annual Jobs in Golf Month

(PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.) – As the national job market shows signs of recovery in 2012, The PGA of America’s 11th Annual Jobs in Golf Month—which highlights online employment resource tools and a breadth of jobs within the industry—will kick off in conjunction with the 59th PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 26-28, and continue promoting employment in golf throughout the month of February.

Building on the success of its previous campaigns at the PGA Merchandise Show, The PGA
of America’s Employment Services (located at Booth #2885) will highlight job opportunities that are currently posted on  The Jobs in Golf Month initiative at the PGA Merchandise Show includes recruitment services by leading industry employers; golf-related job posting boards; on-site interviewing for industry positions; employment workshops; and comprehensive PGA Employment Services.        

In addition,, home to PGA Employment Services, is the centerpiece of the Jobs In Golf Month initiative, and serves as the golf industry’s online resource for jobs. In support of Jobs in Golf Month, PGA Employment Services is ramping up its available resources to ensure that PGA members continue to find and maximize their career opportunities.

“The PGA of America is delighted to present Jobs in Golf Month for the 11th consecutive year,” said PGA President Allen Wronowski.  “In 2012, the emphasis on job placement is central to the growth of our field and the overall economy.  The exciting positions offered during Jobs in Golf Month provide an opportunity to achieve a dream career within the golf industry, which employs more than 2 million people nationwide.”

PGA Employment Services was developed to serve as the golf industry’s hiring resource and a support mechanism to help ensure the 27,000 men and women PGA Professionals have the necessary tools to secure employment.  In addition to serving as a vehicle for PGA Professionals, PGA Employment Services offers a direct communication link between golf industry employers and individuals seeking to gain employment in the golf industry.

PGA Employment Services is supported by 12 regional PGA Employment Consultants based throughout the country.  These employment consultants serve as an invaluable resource for both PGA members and golf industry employers, working tirelessly to match applicants with appropriate employers that are seeking to hire talented and dynamic PGA Professionals.  These Employment Consultants are also charged with further educating employers on the unmatched benefits of hiring a PGA Professional.

Employment-related education seminars are also being featured at the PGA Member Business Center, and will be led by the PGA Employment Consultants.  Some of the featured seminar topics include “What Your Employer Wants – Connecting with Golf 2.0,” “Grow Your Value Starting NOW – The Strategy of Golf 2.0,” and “Utilizing Golf 2.0 – Your Competitive Edge,” among others.

While The PGA of America offers additional resources to promote Jobs in Golf Month and the benefits of hiring PGA Professionals throughout the month of February, the Association’s expansive employment services division, which caters to PGA Professionals, golf industry employers, and individuals seeking a position within the golf industry, is an everyday commitment throughout the year.

Among the many service options from the Employment Center, The PGA offers CareerLinks, a complimentary employment referral service with PGA Employment Consultants based throughout the country to provide support to employers and PGA Professionals.  With this service, PGA Employment Consultants help employers identify the skills and experiences that are necessary to perform a specific job, and then enter the search specifications into the CareerLinks database to identify qualified PGA candidates.  Last year, more than 470 positions were filled through the CareerLinks service.

Other employment services include PGA Jobfinder, an online tool located at, which helps golf industry employers fill a variety of golf industry positions from PGA Teaching Professionals to Clubhouse Staff to Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives.  The PGA also retains the services of a wage-and-hour consultant to help PGA Professionals and employers interpret labor laws and wage-and-hour information.  Since last January, more than 3,035 jobs for PGA Professional positions were posted on and nearly 1,900 positions were listed on the public job board on


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