Monday, January 16, 2012

Caney Putterworks announces designing new wood-core putters

(WESTFORD, Mass.) - Golfers typically choose a putter that inspires confidence. They know a putter that feels great, performs well, and looks sharp can enhance positive thoughts, calm nerves, and help make more putts. That is the proposition behind the creation of Caney Putterworks, a new custom putter manufacturer founded by Noah Caney. Combine beautiful Form with high Function and a pleasing Feel to maximize personal satisfaction.

According to Mr. Caney, "After 20 years of play - and unsuccessfully shopping for a putter with better feel - my putting game improved most when I designed and built a wood-core club that uniquely rewarded me with just the right balance between sweet-spot forgiveness and the feel of striking the ball perfectly. And the beautiful sculpted form of the putter head certainly added to that satisfaction."

Caney Putterworks develops, designs, and expertly crafts custom putters that incorporate an exotic hardwood core and striking surface within a precision-machined metal head. This hybrid configuration for CP's blade putters ingeniously positions club mass at the heel and toe to communicate a solid feel with exceptional feedback. CP's mallet putters use perimeter weighting for a stable and balanced feel plus a large, forgivable sweet spot.

The wood-core of both putter types provides a softer strike with a pleasing sound. The smart design of each club aids in aiming, supports stroke accuracy, and encourages consistency. Plus the precision craftsmanship and stunning appearance of the sculpted stainless-steel heads inspire pride and confidence.

Each Caney Putterworks club is custom manufactured in the golfer's preference for metal finish, exotic wood (cocobolo, pink ivory, and others), shaft length, and grip type. For guidelines on selecting the "right" putter plus full specifications, all options, and ordering information, visit


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