Friday, January 6, 2012

Bionic Launches New ReliefGrip Glove

Designed for golfers with arthritis - The ReliefGrip helps reduce pain and improves grip strength

(Louisville, KY) - Bionic is always looking for ways to continuously improve its gloves - even if the glove was good to begin with. That's the case with the new ReliefGrip glove, specifically designed for golfers with arthritis.

The ReliefGrip was formerly known as the Silver Series glove. The glove has been revamped and updated for even more comfort and grip strength. One big change is the glove is now sold as a single - many customers wanted to be able to purchase a glove for their lead hand only, so the company responded by offering singles. Bionic is focusing on the grip with all of its newly launched gloves, including the StableGrip and PerformanceGrip golf gloves.

According to Cheryl Fink, marketing director for Bionic Gloves, "We're the hand experts. Nobody puts more technology in a glove than we do. And when you have arthritis, hand comfort and grip strength are even more important to your game. A relaxed grip not only helps with pain management, but it also leads to more accuracy and more distance in your golf game."

Some of the other unique features of the ReliefGrip glove:
* An additional row of finger pads combines with a thicker and taller Anatomical Pad System maximizing comfort and support
* A form-fitting LightPrene™material adds wrist support, especially at the base of the thumb where most golfers feel pain
* Designed specifically for golfers with arthritis
* Independent research has shown that Bionic Glove Technology lessens discomfort and fatigue for golfers with arthritis

All Bionic Gloves have additional features that are different from other gloves on the market:
* Patented pads provide protection, enhance comfort and lessen fatigue
* Triple row finger grip system promotes a lighter, more stable grip
* Top-grade cabretta leather is durable and washable (hand wash, warm water, air dry)
* Patented pre-rotated finger design complements the hand's natural closure and reduces fatigue
* Lycra motion and web zones provide better range of motion and keep the hand drier and more comfortable
* Strategically placed pad system provides increased durability in areas prone to wear and tear

Bionic gloves are available online at The ReliefGrip glove comes in a full range of sizes for men and women and retails at $29.95. Left and right hand gloves are sold separately.


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