Monday, January 23, 2012

Cutter & Buck Introduces New Logo, Brand Identity

(SEATTLE) – Cutter & Buck has unveiled a new logo that is intended to retain the core elements of the company’s previous logo, but also provide for a striking and modern look that reinforces an overall new brand initiative while evoking the classic styling for which the company has long been renowned.

The company, established in 1989 in Seattle, announced that it would be embracing its regional heritage with a new brand identity, “Genuine Spirit of the Pacific Northwest.” As part of the brand initiative, the company introduced a denim-based fashion line, which epitomizes the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

While not straying too far from its proud 20-plus years tradition of golf-inspired premier, high-quality sportswear, Cutter & Buck executives said the goal of the new initiative is to evolve its brand from niche-specialty to a global lifestyle brand, befitting of the Pacific Northwest where residents naturally thrive between an urban and outdoor lifestyle.

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