Friday, June 8, 2018

Two More Publications Sing the Praises of High Heat 257+ Driver and Metalwoods

(BONITA, CA) – Two more golf media outlets have published positive reviews of Knuth Golf’s breakthrough technology, the High Heat 257+ family of metalwoods. said, “We can assuredly say that the High Heat driver and three wood clearly are clubs we’d stand up against all for an average player’s performance and scoring.”

And Golfing Magazine stated, “The 3 trampoline technology is “the great equalizer as the Extra CT makes up for the loss of energy caused by the off-center hits.”

The new High Heat 257+ is the only brand that takes advantage of a USGA rules change two years ago. The 2016 CT rule (Characteristic Time—trampoline effect) regulates the amount of time that a ball stays on the face of the club in microseconds, which controls how “hot” a clubface can be.  With this change the USGA permitted a golf face to be much hotter with a CT above 257 and up to 275, but only in the large toe and heel areas.

Designer Dean Knuth created 3-Trampoline Technology, the significance of which cannot be overstated, according to LPGA Hall of Fame Teacher Kay McMahon, “cannot be overstated.” She explains that “amateurs on average hit 50 percent of their shots in the toe and heel areas, resulting in a loss of 20 or more yards because of the very low CT. But with higher CT in the toe and heel areas of the High Heat 257+ driver and metalwoods, amateurs obtain the same distance as they do when they hit the center of the face, which makes the best golf clubs last year even better.”

Golfing Magazine made this point in its review.

“(High Heat 257+ technology) is unique and substantially reduces the distance amateurs lose on their toe and heel hits for complete forgiveness across the face ... Heel, toe and center hits all travel consistent distance and straight.”

Knuth’s ability to bring this technology to fruition will certainly solidify his reputation as one of the golf industry’s brightest minds. His mirror face v1early High Heat designs were ahead of all major brands incorporating a much lower and much deeper CG, for which he was the only club designer honored by Golf Inc. magazine as an “Innovator In Player Development” in 2016. And during his USGA days he created the USGA's Course Rating and Slope Rating System used in handicapping, which Golf Digest stated was one of the eight most important technologies in the past 50 years.

In his review for, writer Bob Oliver sang the praises of Knuth.

“Knuth Golf’s slogan is ‘Helping Amateurs play better golf,’ and the High Heat line does just that,” he wrote. “Balls ending up in the short grass are earlier to hit to the green, and that means lower scores. The unique High Heat design results in a consistently straighter shot, and that goes into a better scoring equation. Make no mistake about it, the High Heat is designed with innovation and technology. It promises more distance and accuracy on non-perfect hits, something I can attest to.”

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