Wednesday, June 13, 2018

80BREAKR Helping Golf Courses Boost Revenue

(San Diego, CA) - Koerve, Inc. is pleased to announce that 80BREAKR - the golf scorecard app enjoyed by golfers worldwide - is now being deployed by golf courses to supplement existing marketing and increase revenue. The app works great on any course in the world, and golfers love the extra features available at courses that sign up.

"Our mission is to help courses thrive and amateur golfers improve," says Thomas Stewart, founder and president of 80BREAKR. "Thus, every feature added, every service offered, and each benefit provided to courses cannot be at the expense of amateur golfers. It's a balance that ultimately makes 80BREAKR far more useful to golfers than any other golf app - improving their experience at golf facilities that sign up and use 80BREAKR."                          

Benefits to courses using 80BREAKR are extensive, and completely customizable. The marketing and advertising capabilities are completely supplemental to existing approaches used by a course. This puts the facility in control of what to focus its marketing budget on and how to do it. Golf is your business, mobile app technology is ours. We provide the tools and services, and the course decides how best to utilize those tools and services.
80BREAKR golf course services include:

Course-branded mobile golf scorecard
The app is being downloaded by more golfers everyday who are passionate about it. We enable the app to automatically change branding when a golfer plays at your course. It changes back to the 80BREAKR app for courses not signed up for this customization. This is new in the golf industry. Other companies offer a branded app, but it's a unique app in the app store. This is a big problem for the amateur golfer: If every course had its own custom app, a golfer would have to have dozens of apps to play golf.

Course-wide GPS
For courses wanting to offer GPS to golfers, 80BREAKR allows all golfers who play there to have GPS enabled in the app.

Push Notifications and Geo-Fencing
This allows courses to reach golfers on their mobile device - even when they're not using the app. But we don't use the "advertising fire hose" approach. Golfers have extensive opt-in preferences. Golfers WANT specials, but they want to be in control of how, when, and how often they receive them.  

Golf Courses keep local ad revenue
80BREAKR allows each course to control or remove banner ads when the app is used on property. This allows courses to work with their local community and businesses, to offer golfers specials, announcements, and local deals that the course has negotiated. Courses keep 80 percent of revenue generated by these banner ads.

How do Golf Courses get Started?
Getting started is easy, all courses start by putting up a download sign at their check-in desk, then they decide which services they want when they are ready.

"I'm very excited about how we are now able to help courses with a full range of services," says Stewart. "I spent all of 2017 on the road and on the phone talking to golf course general managers and golf directors about mobile technology, their concerns, issues and needs. They're overwhelmed with the speed of technology change, and we're here to help with their mobile strategy. The most painful decision a course makes is to 'rip out and replace' existing capability. But with the 80BREAKR app, they can supplement existing capability and utilize additional capability with us when they're ready. The complementary nature of 80BREAKR is unique, in that it works for golfers on all courses, and provides even more value at courses that sign up with us."

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Thanks for the nice post. I would say the course was not particularly busy on the day we played. Based on the golfers in the clubhouse I would say it was a mix of Scots, Americans and other Europeans. A couple of busses with touring golfers also. Deep pocketed owners help for sure! Wish I had the weather had, would love to play again with lower winds and brilliant sunshine. If you have a time Shinnecock Hills Golf Club