Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mackenzie Golf Bags Acquires American-made Headcover Company, Fore Ewe

(PORTLAND, OR) - MacKenzie Golf Bags announced the successful acquisition of Fore Ewe, a Minnesota-based company, which specializes in knitted headcovers. The combination of the two firms brings together complimentary capabilities with a common ethos. Both companies make their products in America, both maintain a rigorous commitment to quality, and both offer highly customizable options to their customers.

In announcing the merger, Tom Mulflur, owner of MacKenzie Golf Bags said, “We make a beautiful, collector-quality golf bag for our customers. MacKenzie customers demand lasting quality and have a strong sense of personal style and aesthetics. We are excited to now offer a custom, hand-knit headcover option that serves those same customers’ needs. We’ve spent a long time looking for the right partner and Fore Ewe was unquestionably that partner. Mary makes her products in America - by hand. Each headcover is carefully made with high quality materials specifically for the customer.”

Mary Jackley, the founder of Fore Ewe explained, “My headcover business started very organically. I began making headcovers for friends and over time, their friends, and then their friends wanted headcovers too. I didn’t set out to start a headcover business, I simply applied my craft and people responded to that passion and quality. I think it is very much the same thing for MacKenzie. MacKenzie is a company that springs from a real sense of passion and purpose. We both strive to make the highest quality product we can for customers who love and appreciate what we do.”

MacKenzie’s Creative Director, Nic Mulflur, pointed out that, “Every MacKenzie begins with an idea, a conversation, and a rendering. We’re passionate about working with our customers to create a truly original piece – and now that creativity can extend beyond the golf bag. Fore Ewe headcovers are amazingly customizable, extremely well made and the perfect fit on a MacKenzie.”

For now, the two websites will remain separate as both sites have fairly sophisticated software which enables customers to design precisely what they want, but behind the scenes, efforts to integrate the manufacturing process and fulfillment systems are well underway. And while Fore Ewe may have new ownership, Mary Jackley isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Both parties are committed to getting the transition right.

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