Friday, June 22, 2018

Practice Smarter with High-Accuracy Data from SC200 Swing Caddie

(RELEASE) - Most golfers know that when it comes to their golf swing, it's often the little things that can make or break a shot. From slow swing speeds to poor contact to sloppy distance control, there are countless possible causes for a heartbreaking scorecard. And for a lot of golfers, it can seem almost impossible to tell which aspect of their technique is to blame.

As seen on The Golf Channel, the SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor helps golfers finally see the full picture of their golf shots by providing them with comprehensive swing data. Using Barometric Pressure Calibration and Doppler Radar Technology, this device provides shot statistics with tour-grade accuracy . . . all for a weekend golfer price.

In standard Practice Mode, the SC200 displays immediate feedback after each shot, including swing speed, smash factor, ball speed, and carry distance. The device is roughly the size of a smart phone and features a lightweight design, so users can easily bring it along to the golf course, the driving range, and on vacation. The portability of the SC200 allows golfers to evaluate their swing accurately in any context, from backyard practice to a Saturday morning round.

In Practice Mode, the user can:
-Select the proper club and loft angle to ensure an accurate reading.
-Hear immediate carry distance data using the SC200's Distance Voice Output.
-Use an included remote control to change settings without picking up the device.
-Review data from the last 100 shots, making it easier to spot patterns, identify bad habits, and track improvement.

Golfers no longer have to be pros to learn the truth about their swing. With the statistical knowledge the SC200 Swing Caddie provides, users can finally pinpoint their weaknesses and stop trying to increase swing speed when the problem is a low smash factor.

The SC200 even offers two other modes so users can truly tailor their practice for individual goals.
- In Target Mode, the golfer selects a target distance and receives scores for accuracy in a round of ten shots.
- In Approach Mode, users are scored by their ability to reach target distances generated at random.

No matter what a golfer's objective is, the SC200 is an essential training aid for any customized practice strategy. This state-of-the-art device replaces amateur guesswork with real data . . . and real data opens the door to real results.

If you are interested in helping your clients practice smarter with the SC200 Swing Caddie, we'd love to hear from you.

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