Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Schools Out, Player Pathway Continues to Local Courses

TGA Premier Golf prepares to run over 2,000 summer golf camps nationwide

(El Segundo, CA) - TGA Premier Golf (TGA), the leading introductory program in the game is getting ready to transition 55,000 kids from after-school enrichment programs to golf courses this summer. TGA’s Player Pathway begins in the schools and community centers and funnels into partner golf courses executing camps, parent-child events and leagues.

Camps and other transition programs have become an important revenue source to the local course partners. Golf courses receive a percentage of revenue from each TGA registration.

Dave Robinson, owner of three TGA franchises in Metro Detroit, will run 39 camp sessions at nine partner courses in his communities.

“Our camp sessions have become very successful with over 850 kids participating in summer camps in each of the last three years,” Robinson said. “Our golf course owners not only appreciate the added revenue we are driving to them, but they are getting the families out to the courses playing and spending money and then returning to play golf as a family.”

In Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, Maryann Von Seggern has been the owner of her TGA Premier Golf franchises since 2014 and is introducing thousands of youth to the game. Over the last two summers she has had over 1,200 kids go through TGA summer camps, most of them at the popular Knights Play Golf Center.

Kevin Jones is the owner and PGA Professional at Knights Play and has seen first-hand how TGA can impact facilities and grow the game, “We have been so fortunate to have a program like TGA, as well as others, that introduce kids to the game and then provide them the opportunity to learn on the course at a facility like ours, which is perfect for them,” said Jones. “Programs like TGA bring out so many kids and families providing not only a nice revenue source for us, but also creating the critical future customers we need. We even get some of the kids ending up working for us and helping out the programs which is really exciting.”

Knights Play Golf Center is one of over 200 golf course partners TGA has developed in the 60 markets where its franchises are located. There is no cost for golf courses to become partners with TGA, only tangible short term and long-term benefits.

“Transitioning our kids from schools to golf facilities like Knights Play is a difference maker in developing future golfers.,” said Von Seggern. “Kids improve their swing, learn about playing on a course with other juniors, and become hooked on the game.”

Robinson’s and Von Seggern’s TGA franchises are just a few examples of how TGA moves the needle nationwide for golf courses.

For more information about TGA camps or to find out how your golf course can become a TGA partner, visit www.playtga.com.

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