Monday, June 18, 2018

Product Review: 80BREAKR Scorecard App

There’s a new player in the golf industry - 80BREAKR. It’s a golf scorecard app that’s as easy to use as a traditional scorecard, but loaded with bells and whistles. The three-step process - Plan, Play, Improve - offers GPS on the scorecard, competition / betting summary below each player’s name, color-coded like PGA leaderboards, automatic posting for your official handicap, and so much more.

Don’t go into a round blindly. Prepare for the course before you play by creating a hole-by-hole strategy. You know there’s a bunker about 240 yards out on the left off the first tee? Make a note to leave the driver in the bag. Trouble short of the second green? Remind yourself to take plenty of club. Downhill par 3 that cost you a stroke last time? Take less club this time around.

Plan ahead and stick to that plan. A former boss used to say, “Prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance.” Don’t tee off without a solid game plan.

The aforementioned GPS to the center of the green for approximately 30,000 worldwide courses is great. No more expensive watches or rangefinders are needed. You can keep track of your wagers, as well … Match Play, Stroke Play, Skins and Nassau, to name a few. And each player’s course handicap is calculated automatically.

There’s also a Skills feature. You can test yourself with positive skills, such as longest drive and closest to the pin, or negative hiccups, like carding a snowman or recording dreaded three putts.

I love the social aspect of golf, so posting to Twitter right from the scorecard is a huge plus. Want to brag? Set the app to offer a direct post for every birdie you record. Your buddies will not only “love” to see that you’re playing golf, but also how well you’re doing.

The 80BREAKR Handicap Service is also available. With this in-app purchase, you can post your score automatically when the game is completed.

For data-hungry golfers looking to shave strokes off their games, 80BREAKR allows you to measure the quality of each shot. Whether it’s a particular club or specific shot (lag putt, for instance), grade it as Good, OK or Bad and the app arranges the round. It’s easy to reference what’s going well versus what needs to be improved.

Golfers can also track stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, drive distances and number of putts.

Here’s a game changer … Game Improvement mode works equally well on the course, range, or practice green. Plus, golfers can e-mail their scorecard directly to coaches after their round.

To learn more, visit It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

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