Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Product Review: Volvik VIVID Line of Matte Golf Balls

I love golf. But let’s face it … the sport has long been bland from the outside, looking in. My team “uniform” was tan or gray khakis with a white golf shirt and we all played white golf balls.

Some companies have shaken up the apparel, but an unbelievably high percentage of balls have remained white. I’ve blamed the manufacturers for that over the years. They haven’t given us a good, colorful golf ball with which to play. That excuse no longer remains valid, however, thanks to Volvik.

There’s a reason Volvik can boast about being the “No. 1 Color Golf Ball on Tour.” It’s because professionals trust their product with their livelihood. Now, those same colorful, vibrant golf balls can be in your bag.

Let’s begin with the Volvik flagship - the VIVID. The VIVID is a premium, 3-piece ultra-performance golf ball that has given golfers with a swing speed below 100 mph wonderful distance gains. This 80-compression ball has tested as one of the longest golf balls on the market today, especially for slower to medium swing speeds.

Want another reason to try VIVID? They feature a first-of-its-kind matte finish. Truly unique in the world of golf balls! They retail for $32.99 and are available in green, orange, red, pink, sherbet, white and yellow.

Love the matte finish, but a 3-piece, 80-compression ball isn’t for you? Volvik has you covered with its VIVID XT. This 100-compression, 4-piece golf ball was specifically designed for the World Long Drive circuit.

The VIVID XT is a tour ball designed for faster swing speeds (above 100 mph) and tests show it features a low driver spin that will fight the wind. It has a Zirconium cover (the base material for ceramic) and improves durability of a golf ball cover without sacrificing spin control. It's available in matte green, matte orange, matte pink, matte white and matte yellow and carries a retail price of $42.99 per dozen.

Prefer popular Urethane balls? The VIVID Soft is calling your name. This durable ball provides an extremely soft feel in a low 65-compression package. Complete with high wedge spin and low driver spin, the matte-coated VIVID Soft ($42.99) produces aerodynamic consistency and higher trajectory.

Any late-night infomercial would be proud to belt out, “But wait … there’s more!” The VIVID Lite ($32.99) is the fourth matte finish golf ball in the VIVID product line, and is targeted at mid- to high-handicap golfers who need a ball which optimizes trajectory, but still offers great distance and soft feel.

Learn more and shop the entire Volvik line at volvik.com.

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