Thursday, November 1, 2018

GolfLogix Reaches 10,000-Course Milestone with Its Putt Breaks Feature

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) - GolfLogix, the complete game improvement app, has mapped a milestone 10,000 courses across the United States with its Putt Breaks feature

The game-changing feature provides golfers with intelligent green maps that auto-orient based the user’s position. It gives an accurate green read with one touch, showing every slope and undulation on the green’s topography and how putts will break. A bird’s-eye view of the green’s contours also helps golfers easily plan their approach and chart out chip shots. No other golf app provides golfers with this level of detail on the putting surface. GolfLogix has also created a light sensitivity mode that allows you to see green details under any light condition.

How to use Putt Breaks with Kellie Stenzel: GolfLogix Putting Tutorial

“We’re very excited that we’ve hit this course milestone,” says Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “Courses are mapped based on the requests we get and with 10,000 courses, it speaks to how popular the Putt Breaks feature has become with golfers.”

Using advanced laser scanning and photographic technologies, GolfLogix is adding new courses to the feature every day. New courses are mapped based on priority via users requests through the GolfLogix app. With thousands of courses in their pocket, golfers can use GolfLogix’s Putt Breaks feature to Play Smarter.

GolfLogix is offering golfers a free 30-day trial of the Putt Breaks feature! Download the GolfLogix app through the App Store or Google Play to claim the trial.

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