Thursday, December 7, 2017

TPT GOLF Shaft Garners Top-Five Finish at the Hero World Challenge

(RENENS, SWITZERLAND) - TPT Golf announced that a TPT Golf driver shaft was used to earn a top-five finish at Hero World Challenge played in New Providence, Bahamas.

"It was a very special week for TPT Golf at the Hero World Challenge," said Sebastian Sebayang, Director of TPT Golf. "TPT Golf shafts continue to perform and impress at tour events across the world. I have been very pleased with our results in 2017, and I'm looking forward to a very exciting 2018." 

The TPT Golf shaft used at the Hero World Challenge was the 15LKP-LT-LW, part of the 15 series. The 15LKP-LT-LW shaft will be officially launched at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.

The 15 Series shafts are currently being used by top PGA professionals, LPGA professionals and top amateurs across the world. The LKP (low kick point) shaft used at the Hero World Challenge produces a slightly higher initial launch angle with more spin, while the MKP (mid kick point) shaft produces a lower, more penetrating trajectory with less spin. Both models employ a revolutionary construction that boosts ball speed.

"Our patent-pending manufacturing process enables our golf shafts to be made with exceptionally accurate fiber placement in a highly uniform way around the shaft," said Sebayang. "This method creates a spineless shaft and overcomes the inconsistencies sometimes seen in shafts produced by the more-traditional table rolling methods. TPT shafts provide exceptional feel, leading to tighter shot dispersion, low spin and increased distance. And for the first time ever, we can design a shaft that starts with the physical capabilities of the human body and goes on to reflect the coaching being received in practice."

TPT Golf can now provide the best-performing products for Tour pros and amateurs alike, bringing a consistent and precise product into the shaft marketplace. The range of TPT Golf™ shafts has been designed to make the fitting process as simple as possible. There are models to suit players with any swing speed.

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