Monday, December 18, 2017

Product Review: TRUE Linkswear Outsider, Original

TRUE Linkswear Outsider (left) and Original (right)
I first learned about TRUE Linkswear golf shoes a few years ago when I read that someone actually ran a marathon in a pair. With that kind of comfort, I had to give them a try and quickly fell in love with the brand.

That love came with one caveat, however ... The ground had to be dry. While the pair I chose was incredibly comfortable (though I never attempted a marathon), any rainy or wet conditions and my socks would be soaked. If only I had a pair of waterproof TRUEs.

Tread built for on-and-off-course comfort
Problem solved.

TRUE offers the Outsider ($169) and Original ($149). Both come with a two-year waterproof guarantee thanks to the Sympatex Waterproof booty construction that has been tested to a “rigorous 50k Step Dynamic Waterproof Test to ensure you stay dry, no matter what type of weather you face.” Bonus: Both a crazy comfortable!

Similarities between the Outsider and Original:

- Comfortable;
- Roomy toe box;
- Spikeless;
- Waterproof; and
- Scotchgard Defender Repellent (keeps shoes looking new)

While not being apples-to-oranges, the differences are noticeable from the time you slip them on, however. Picture your most comfortable golf shoe. Now add even more comfort and you have the Outsider. It’s built like a traditional shoe, but better ... and can be worn anywhere, on or off the golf course.

Now, slip into the Original and you’ll quickly notice what makes it unlike anything else in the industry. First, the heel-to-toe rise ... a traditional shoe is slightly higher in the heel, whereas the Original has zero drop. There is no midsole and the thickness of the sole is 6.5 MM (about half of the Outsider (12 MM). Add in extreme flexibility and the Original is the closest thing to going barefoot on the course.

In addition to the out-of-the-box comfort I’ve grown to expect (yet still greatly appreciate) from TRUE Linkswear, the company’s “cross-life tread” allows you to go straight from the course to the grocery store or your favorite bar. These shoes have the locking power to keep you secure to the ground throughout your golf swing, while providing mobility for every-day life.

If you haven’t tried shoes from TRUE Linkswear, do yourself a favor and do it NOW! Visit for all the styles and additional details.

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