Friday, December 29, 2017

Barcelona: Travel, Learn How to Play, Practice and Get Your Golf License

(BARCELONA, SPAIN) - You might not know but there are many options when taking some time off on your vacations. There are many people interested on practicing a sport and travel. Well, now there’s no reason why you cannot do both when it comes to golf.

A company in Barcelona, Spain called Smart Golf Barcelona had the idea to promote its city and the way they live and play golf with the creation of a Golf Initiation Pack, which includes golf lessons, the stay at the hotel and luxury transportation.

This pack was created for those who are interested on starting golfing or those who are always looking for some new experiences while traveling. However, this company is dedicated to design golf vacation experiences for professional golfers, those who like to golf abroad and live their passion everywhere they go.

Imaging having an adventure in a beautiful country, somewhere where you have never been before, where you can live and breathe a different culture; but at the same time, learn how to play golf with a professional instructor.

When choosing to live an adventure with the help of this company, you will be able to learn golf and get your golf license, but also, you will be enjoying the Sun and the beach of one of the most amazing cities in Europe.

We’re talking about golf weekends, golf holidays and golf escapes, which will let you enjoy playing or learning golf while visiting the vibrant Barcelona, the city that has leisure, culture, exclusiveness and more.

The company let their customers craft the experience they want to live. For example, there are experiences, which can be lived near the beach, some near the Barcelona City Center, some more luxurious than others and some more attached to the culture and history of the city. In fact, there are 7 different kinds of golf experiences, all of them are so different and all of them can be customized.

The golf experiences that the company offers are guaranteed, they all include playing at the best golf courses in Barcelona, for example here we mention some: Sant Vincenç de Montalt, Golf Vallromanes, PGA Golf, Lumine Golf, Golf Barcelona, Golf Vallromanes, RCG El Prat, Golf La Roca or CG Terramar; which are close to the city center and according to some experts, they could be a real challenge for anyone.

Opting for Barcelona as your next golf vacation destination will not disappoint you. We leave you the company's website, for more information:

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