Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Antigua Introduces 2018 Men's Outerwear Collection

(PEORIA, AZ) - Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand - has officially unveiled its Men's 2018 Outerwear collection.

"For Spring '18, Antigua has no shortage of seasonal lightweight outerwear," says Ron McPherson, CEO of Antigua. "The half-zip pullover is to outerwear what the polo collar is to a golf shirt -- a staple. It's the model of choice for cool weather garment of any weight. Antigua covers the gamut in both fabrication choices to function best in certain temperatures, as well as creating a variety of fashion options ranging from quilted, tonal double knits, stripes with accents, fleeced garments, sweater-like fabrications, and contrasting embossed, tonally striped windwear."

The solid long-sleeve pullover style Anchorage is a favorite, based on wearability and fashion simplicity. With top sleeve placement of its ribbed quilting for style, as well as warmth, it matches a low-profile jacquard knit ottoman as the main body fabric. It's genuinely a must-have cool weather garment offered in five sophisticated shades.

Style Profile
Profile combines the season's fashion color palette with a 50-50 color-to-contrasting-black knit check. The upper portion represents a richer version of the specific color, bringing more black to the surface against the underlying color. The garment's lower majority does the opposite. This is simply achieved with a single fabric constructed as a double knit jacquard, organically sending more of one color to the surface and the other to the back side. By reversing which side of the fabric is used in the placement determines the seemingly color block effect. To give full contrast to this mid-weight style, the design team included reflective chest seam tape where the inverted fabrics are seamed and ran it perpendicular to a silver chrome nylon zipper for an updated contemporary feature.

Style Voyage
Every season, Antigua's product development team meticulously looks to be on top of market direction and has found an influence and resurgence of sweater and sweater-like apparel designed to be interpreted as sportswear. Voyage is Antigua's interpretation of this direction. While it's cut-and-sewn instead of fully fashion-knitted into a sweater, Voyage offers the versatility to be casual or classic. Similarly, to how Profile's fabric is constructed, Voyage uses a fuller fibrous filament yarn that disperses sweater-like hairs along its neutral color scheme, while the backside of this double knit jacquard uses a contrasting solid black yarn. Contrasting black fabric back is flipped to the face at gusset insets, creating a sportswear design detail. The seasonal two-color zipper placket is set in as a pop color accent, to merchandise back to specific seasonal polo styles.

Styles Thunder, Cyclone and Maritime
Antigua always looks to bring something new to its windwear collections. Styles Thunder, Cyclone and Maritime form Antigua's Spring 2018 windwear offerings. While Thunder makes use of a diamondback jacquard stretch woven for its tonally embossed center core, its boldly contrasting knit sleeves make a statement that it's sportswear belonging in the '18 collection. Cyclone and Maritime feature the same meshed lined woven automatic pin stripe fabric to create a short-sleeve wind shirt and wind vest, respectively. Cyclone's contrasting chrome inverted zippers on the placket and in the chest and hip pockets complement this style's tonal body stripes. Antigua's pride in both its polo and outerwear collections are its consistency in offering a performance fit appropriate to the garment while maintaining its on-course function and style. Cyclone demonstrates this dedication to fit consistency.

Antigua's wind vest Maritime mirrors Cyclone with regard to its outerwear spec and fits as a wind vest should. Tailored to aesthetically match Antigua's polo sleeve seams, it functions as a perfect piece for inclement or temperate weather.

Style Frontier
Rounding out the Spring 2018 outerwear is the fully fleeced style Frontier. Built as a cool weather knit outer or under layer, Frontier uses randomly twisted two-tone heavy gauge yarns to create a horizontal irregular all-over stripe effect. It's the go-to garment when cooler weather encourages warmer clothing.

In its Spring 2018 polo styles and outerwear offerings, Antigua has dutifully merchandised an extensive collection of beautifully styled menswear with matched versatility for on and off the course.
Find Antigua on the web at: www.Antigua.com and ShopAntigua.com.

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