Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One Stop Online Service Allows Ordering Custom Golf Orthotics without Leaving Home

(New Jersey, New York) – Upstep (, founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, is launching a comprehensive online service for golfers to buy custom made orthotics designed for their specific needs by world-class podiatrists. Prices represent 30%-50% savings over the direct purchase from podiatrists.

The Upstep custom golf orthotics allow golfers to avoid foot pain while enhancing their energy, supporting natural movement, stabilizing posture, and improving their dynamics and enjoyment of the game.

“The Upstep Orthotics are the finest orthotics I have ever worn,” said Bill Glasson, 7-Time PGA Tour Tournaments winner and a customer of Upstep. “I’ve been wearing custom orthotics for over twenty years. Having had many surgeries, including neck and back fusions and most recently bilateral hip replacement, I am very sensitive to imbalances in my lower body. The Upstep Orthotics immediately gave me relief of nagging back pain and knee issues.”

Glasson continued: “As a player and instructor, I am required to be on my feet for up to 14 hours a day. This would not be possible without my Upstep Orthotics. I’ve been able to resume my playing career thanks to my orthotics. The importance of foot care is very underrated and everyone can benefit from these great orthotics.”

Upstep was founded by Limor Katz, Aviad Raz, and Oren Raz, with an investment of $3 million. The company lets customers anywhere in the U.S. get fitted with top of the line custom orthotics. Delivery is quick and the service guarantees full customer satisfaction.

Through the Upstep service, orders are made on two available platforms. On the online private platform, customers order the orthotics online and receive the footprint kit at home. The customer then follows the simple instructions to make a foot imprint and then send it back to the company. Upstep uses 3D technology to scan the footprint. The orthotics are custom designed based on each customer’s unique specifications. The technology also offers a platform that takes various work or athletic factors into account in order to meet the individual customer’s needs.

The second purchasing platform utilizes golf pros and retailers. The golf retail platform enables a "hands on" fitting process, where the golf coach, pro or fitter are involved and aid with their input and their student's foot impression.

The orthotics, produced by advanced manufacturing methods with innovative materials, are sent directly to the customer’s home. The standard price of Upstep custom golf orthotics is $239.

Upstep presented its custom golf orthotics at the PGA Merchandise Show 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The Upstep orthotics display attracted great interest and excitement from golf players and industry workers, including golf pros, golf directors, coaches, and key people in the golf industry.

To expand its foothold in the golf industry in the United States, Upstep has appointed Oren Geri as its in-house golf expert. Geri is a former Israeli golf champion who is familiar to the American public thanks to his participation in two seasons of the reality show Big Break.

“As an innovative custom orthotics company operating in the United States, we saw early on that we were winning significant business volume from the golf community,” said Limor Katz, co-founder and marketing manager at Upstep. "To penetrate this market, our chief podiatrist, Phillip Wells, carried out comprehensive research that included feedback from players and coaches on the pro circuit. As a result, we gently inserted golf enhancing elements into our design, while maintaining the comfort and customization platform. Upstep’s golf enhancing elements help deal with common physical problems related to the swing, allowing players to feel more comfortable in their shoes, experience greater energy, and improve their game.”

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