Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Miura Debuts Two New Players' Irons

(SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA) - Miura Golf has introduced two new irons to their MG Collection - the CB-1008 cavityback and the MB-5005 muscleback - for better players.

The CB-1008 player's cavityback is forged from a billet of soft carbon steel. It features a wider sole (19mm on the 7-iron) that significantly contributes to the iron's playability and forgiveness. That weight distribution in the sole, combined with a lower center of gravity, delivers forgiveness and increased launch angles - especially in the mid- and long irons. "Being able to deliver the feel and performance generally only associated with a Blade iron makes the CB-1008 a naturally choice in the players' iron category," says Bill Holowaty, COO of Miura Golf. "A wider sole and a precise distribution of weight are design characteristics which enhance the playability of this iron."  Each CB-1008 iron has a $279 MAP price.

By redistributing approximately 15 grams of weight from the muscleback part of the iron, we modified the design of a typical blade iron -- resulting in the MB-5005. Thus, this iron looks like a blade but plays like a cavityback. It incorporates one of Miura's key design principles, "There exist subtleties with the design of the MB-5005 which have enabled the Miura family to deliver a Blade iron that plays like a Cavity Back," said Holowaty. "The redistribution of weight in the head allows for an expanded sweet spot and lower center of gravity. The MB-5005 is also slightly longer from heel to toe, delivering a feeling of confidence to the golfer at address."

The MB-5005 is a limited edition product line in North America. Each MB-5005 iron has a $329 MAP price.

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