Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Tagmarshal Pace-of-Play Features on Display at U.S. Open Host Erin Hills

(Las Vegas, NV) – Tagmarshal – the pace-of-play and revenue-optimizing system relied upon by Whistling Straits, Valhalla, Ballybunion and other top golf courses globally – features new tools  utilized by U.S. Open host Erin Hills to track tournament practice rounds June 12-14.

Now live at all Tagmarshal-connected courses:
- Additional Stats – Measure golf course starter’s accuracy against ideal timing goals, and sort data by nine-hole groupings and individual hole-speed intervals.
- Player Assistance Tracker – Easily accessible from the real-time course map screen, this display allows course staff to record interactions with golfers and uses their unique data to speed play during future rounds.
- Magenta Alert – Tagmarshal’s intuitive green-orange-red system vividly informs course staff to golfers’ speeds, and the magenta alert flags groups actively delaying golfers behind them.

“These new ways to interpret data further help courses attain their business objectives,” says Bodo Sieber, Chief Executive Officer of Tagmarshal. “Staff has more information than ever to deliver a premier golf experience and effortlessly keep golfers moving at appropriate paces.”

Erin Hills, an innovator and early adopter of Tagmarshal pace-of-play analytics, will use the system to track round times, slower holes and overall course movement during all U.S. Open practice rounds.

Since partnering with Erin Hills, Tagmarshal added applications critical to course operations. A recent partnership with Golf Weather allows live and historical forecast data to feed into pace-of-play analysis. Tagmarshal is also integrated with EZLinks Golf management software and other top providers for individual golfer pace profiles.

Utilized at premier golf destinations globally, including three of Golf Digest’s Top-10 U.S. courses, Tagmarshal’s unobtrusive GPS tags track walking and cart rounds. Course operators streamline pace to deliver more consistent round times, add tee time capacity and generate incremental revenue.

A recent USGA survey shows 74% of golfers believe pace is “critical” to their enjoyment of rounds. Fittingly, the Tagmarshal solution reduces slow play, improving average round times and enabling courses to optimize revenue opportunities. Superintendents use Tagmarshal to better manage pin placements and hole set ups which lead to less golfer stress, better scores and repeat play.

More information:, 725.333.7354.

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