Monday, August 11, 2014

StrackaLine Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Scan More Golf Courses Nationwide

(HOUSTON, TX) – StrackaLine announces the launch of its Kickstarter Campaign to support the scanning of greens across the nation in an effort to provide more local golf courses. StrackaLine is a revolutionary App for golfers. The App will read the green and tell you where to hit your ball to make the putt.

If the Kickstarter campaign is funded, it will enable StrackaLine to laser scan at least 100 golf courses nationwide. Travel to each course is required when scanning the greens and they need to spend about 5 hours at each course, as it takes about 15 minutes per hole.

StrackaLine already owns the equipment and has developed the StrackaLine app for iOS. With the help of the Kickstarter community, StrackaLine will be able to provide green scans for more local courses. Using StrackaLine, golfers will better understand which way their putts will break and why.

With your course sponsorship, StrackaLine will travel to your golf course and laser scan each green, including the practice green.  The data from those scans will be processed and uploaded to the StrackaLine app. In addition, your name or business will be credited for the sponsorship.

Join StrackaLine in revolutionizing the most important part of the game with its state of the art technology and sponsor your home course today!  To donate to the StrackaLine Kickstarter Campaign, go to this link: There are several backing opportunities that range from $10 - $2000.

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