Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FarmLinks Hosts $25 Million Super Shootout

One lucky (but really good) golfer could win $25 million at FarmLinks Golf Club. Qualify between now and Sept. 15 and that could be you!

Visit www.pursellfarms.com/supershootout for details on how to qualify for Stage I.

On Oct. 6, the last-standing qualifier will take 25 shots at, quite possibly, the prettiest hole in Alabama - each one bringing a chance at winning $1 million. 

The 12 finalists aren't completely out of luck. They'll be treated like VIPs at the state's No. 1 public access course and learn some secrets to the short game from FarmLinks Academy instructor Layne Savoie. 

Check out our article on FarmLinks HERE and see a picture of the $25 million hole - No. 5.

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