Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Up Golf Launches Its Newest Ball - 2S14

(RELEASE) - Not everybody plays a 3-piece premium golf ball like the 3F12. Two layers is more than enough for many golfers out there. That's why 3 Up Golf is introducing a 2-piece golf ball. They've stayed true to their mission and built a 2-piece golf ball that feels and performs like nothing you've teed up before. One clean strike with an 8-iron and you'll know exactly what the "S" stands for in 2S14 - SOFT.

Stop by the newly redesigned 3upgolf.com and read more about the 2S14 to see if it's the right fit for your game.

The Most Worthy of Causes
In case you're new to 3 Up Golf, you may not know about one of the pillars of the company - philanthropy. For every dozen balls sold, $3 goes directly to a golf-related charity. It's not something the company does for promotional purposes, but rather something out of a deep desire to give back to a game that's given so much to so many.

Their latest contribution is one that founder Rob Zimmerman hopes all will consider donating to very soon: The Folds Of Honor Foundation. Every year, FoH runs a nation-wide campaign, Patriot Golf Day, to raise money for the families of wounded or fallen service members. The funds are used to provide scholarships to recipient families from all across our great nation.

You can read more about the Folds Of Honor, why 3 Up Golf donated to their amazing organization and what you can do to help by reading this blog post.

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