Friday, August 22, 2014

Tour Edge Exotics Unveils New E8 Drivers

New E8 driver technology exemplifies ball speed for legendary Exotics length

(Batavia, IL) – The new E8 drivers deliver distance-dominating speed with adjustability options that allow players to fine tune power and control, and will bring Exotics to the forefront of the driver category. At the core of E8 driver’s technology is the center of gravity location and its ability to increase ball speed for legendary Exotics length.

E8 drivers are available in two options – E8 and E8 Beta – both feature superior adjustability with loft modifications and an interchangeable sole weight. A discerning feature of the E8 models involves the center of gravity (CG) location focusing on faster ball speeds. Engineers positioned E8’s CG slightly lower and forward for a higher launch, and faster ball speed with less spin. The Beta utilizes a higher, more forward CG position to produce a more penetrating trajectory, increased ball velocity, and minimal spin.

The standard E8 clubhead is customized with a 460cc titanium head and improved weighting with a noticeable lower profile. The driver’s forgiving construction also produces an easy-launching, high trajectory design for maximum accuracy and forgiveness.

The Beta driver is highlighted by a Beta Titanium face that delivers Exotics legendary power and feel. The Beta features a 440cc low-spin, deeper-faced head that produces a slightly lower, more boring trajectory.

The Power Grid has been refined in both models of the E8. The E8 clubhead’s channel is remarkably deeper, further enhancing the accordion effect and increasing spring-effect at impact. The Power Grid on the Beta models are strategically narrower than on the E8. This allows the center of gravity to be positioned closer to the face in the Beta, creating a powerful launch with minimal spin. In both models the cells within the Power Grid are aligned in offsetting rows, strengthening the design and allowing the cells to be made thinner for added flexibility and a more powerful launch.

Variable face thickness technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas.

The E8 clubheads include loft options from 8.5 to 12 degrees in ½ degree increments. This advanced versatility gives players the ultimate control in achieving optimal distance and accuracy.

The E8 collection showcases an added adjustability option by incorporating an interchangeable sole weight. The driver comes standard with a 7-gram weight in the sole, but can be changed with the purchase of an optional weight kit. The three-piece weight kit includes a 5-gram, 10-gram, and 12-gram weight, kit-$49.99. Individual weights are available for $19.99. The driver’s swing weight can be adjusted by altering the weight in the sole, allowing players to further dial in their desired flight and feel.

A Tour-inspired matte black finish reduces glare at address and is the perfect accompaniment to the E8 drivers. The E8 drivers features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty, 30-day play guarantee, and are projected to be in stores the beginning of October. Exotics drivers are available in the most popular shafts on the market; E8 is available with the Fujikura Pro/Pro Tour and Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series for a MSRP of $299.99. The E8 Beta driver is available in Aldila Rogue Silver and Black MSRP $399.99. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

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