Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New York Golf Center Adds Two New Clothing Lines

(NEW YORK, NY) - New York Golf Center will soon carry two new clothing lines. Both Maide Golf and Wolsey will be carried nearly exclusively in the Northeast by the retailer.

Maide Golf - the new flagship contemporary golf apparel brand for Bonobos - is an exclusive line in the Northeast. The brand is all about fit, performance and style. Maide Golf aims to help those who cherish its traditions build a wardrobe as rich in substance and style as the game itself.

Starting this Fall, Wolsey - the world's oldest existing clothing brand - is re-launching its new line. New York Golf Center's customers will be privy to its golfwear. Wolsey is a high-performance sportswear brand. Johan Lindeberg - the namesake of popular golf clothing company J. Lindeberg - is serving as brand ambassador while shaping the direction of the golf collection as it re-enters the golf space. Lindeberg's vision is more of a sophisticated look, and he feels it's due time for some change in golf fashion.

"We're so excited to bring these two brands on board," says Josh Chervokas, COO of New York Golf Center. "We're one of the only places you can find them both in the Metropolitan New York area. Our customers are going to love the styles - no matter their tastes. There's something for everyone."

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