Friday, August 29, 2014

KZG Releases DS-2, Limited Edition Forged Putter

(NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) – KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine, just launched the DS-2 Limited Edition Forged Putter, a blade style putter to add to its limited edition “Designer Series” of putters.

Each putter in the Designer Series will be designed by one of the Top 100 ClubFitters in the World. KZG believes that highly experienced and exceptionally skilled fitters who have worked with many of the top touring professionals, as well as many average golfers, know what golfers actually need to play their best.

The DS-2 was designed by Gary Tozer who was a scratch player by the time he was 15 years old; thereafter he played on the tour. He currently is a coach, teacher, professional fitter and owner of the Aussie Custom Golf Centre just NE of Sydney, Australia. As Gary reports: “I learned at a very young age that if you want to win in golf, you better have great equipment.”

In designing the DS-2 putter, Gary reports: “The basic profile is a blade style reminiscent of the 8802 and 8813 preferred by the purist, but with a slightly beveled section at the heel to prevent drag on the green. This design is more suitable for the golfer with a rotational type stroke. The micro-milled face assures that the DS-2 rolls the ball immediately without skipping or hopping.

“I chose a triple-forged process so that the putter is extremely responsive and guarantees repeatable consistency” Gary adds. “The face is dead center and perfectly square, with no offset. And the muscle arrangement at the back is higher at the center of the impact area of the putter. The result is that the feel is soft yet ‘meaty.’”

“KZG has always worked with the elite of professional tour players, teachers and fitters around the globe” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. “With our elite network of professionals, we have the best in research and design ideas. We are very grateful to Gary Tozer for his design ideas for the DS-2 and already the golf world is responding with rave reviews.”

Each DS-2 putter will be custom fit to the golfer’s unique specifications as KZG products are solely available through qualified professionals (listed on the KZG Dealer Locator at MSRP for the DS-2 Putter is $299 and available in brushed satin or matte black.

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