Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SeeMore Putters: Grow the Game by Giving a System-based Lesson

[Tuesday], the governing bodies (USGA and R&A) indicated that they will proceed with the formal adoption of Rule 14-1b that would ban the anchored stroke.  More than ever, now is the time to stand up and grow the game of golf.  Your members, clients and students will be asking you, the expert, on what they should do or what are your thoughts about this ruling.

40% of strokes during the round of golf are used by a putter, but only 6% of annual golf lessons are putting.  Why is this?  After surveying a number of instructors we have found that many do not have a system for teaching putting like they do for their full swing lessons.  Whether you are teaching a golf lesson, putting lesson, basketball or baseball, teaching with a system leads to more consistency and game improvement.

SeeMore and the SPi system has been around since 1996.  I had a golf writer contact me asking if we have a "new" product out to take the place of the belly putter.  I said we have 59 putters that will take the place of the belly putters.

The SPi system and a SeeMore putter give the instructor a base to teach.  The golf fundamentals of posture, stance, alignment and grip are the emphasis.  The reinforcement of those fundamentals through RST is the foundation of great putting year after year.  SeeMore does not go from "one story to the next."  We hold true to our principle of RST - RifleScope Technology.

Below is a great quote from the letter today that we received from our PGA President, Ted Bishop...

"...our PGA Professionals can help with the transition from anchored putters to a non-anchored stroke in anticipation of this decision. Our PGA Professionals have always embraced our role as problem solvers when it comes to making the game better and more enjoyable for those who play it." (Ted Bishop, PGA - 38th President, PGA of America)

If you give SPi a look, you will see to date that 250 global SPi certified instructors are teaching this system. They have quickly increased their putting lesson revenue as well as their SeeMore putter turn rate. These SPi instructors are at the forefront when it comes to putting instruction.  If this is something that you would like to explore more, please contact us and we would be happy to send you more information.

Lastly, please take a minute to view this video.  Your members, customers and students will becoming to you to get your thoughts and answers to their questions.  They know that you are the expert when it comes to golf.


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