Friday, May 17, 2013

Laser Link Golf Introduces the White Magic Laser Rangefinder

(MADISON, WI) - Laser Link Golf, a leader in distance measurement technology and solutions for the golf market, announced today that they have begun shipment of the company's latest rangefinder - White Magic. This product will join a family of products that includes the QuickShot, Red Hot, and Switch laser rangefinders. All of these products are now available in green-grass and off-course retail outlets across the country.

White Magic operates on a similar platform as the company's popular Red Hot rangefinder. It is a "any target" rangefinder, so any landmark on the golf course can be measured at the touch of a button. Main features include:

• Laser Link Golf's trademark pistol shape - No design works better for golfers. Why is this better? It allows you to use the rangefinder away from your face, which means you don't have adjust your hat or sunglasses to get your measurement.
• Zero-In Alignment System for easy targeting
• Simple one-button operation

What sets this unit apart from the Red Hot is what the company calls Target Differentiation Technology, or "Know Your Target" technology. TDT allows the rangefinder to distinguish between reflector and non-reflector targets on the golf course. Hit a Laser Link reflector target, and White Magic will "beep". Hit a tree or other object, and White Magic will vibrate. The benefit? You'll know that the measurement you want, is the measurement you receive.

"All of our products are created with one goal in mind - make the same technology used by PGA Tour players simple and easy to use for the millions of players who don't live tournament to tournament," said Rob O'Loughlin, president of Laser Link Golf. "White Magic delivers the information every golfer needs in a way any golfer can use."

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