Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HIRZL Enjoys Robust Sales at Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

Outsells Nearest Competitors by a Factor of Two to One

(Granbury, TX) - HIRZL golf gloves, for the third year in a row as an exhibitor, once again enjoyed outstanding golf glove sales at the recently concluded 38th Annual Golf Expo at Haggin Oaks, the nation’s largest golf retailer and the country’s largest and most attended demo day event.

According to Mike Pompei, buyer for Haggin Oaks, HIRZL out-sold the nearest glove manufacturer by a factor of two to one making it the third year in a row that HIRZL was the leading glove seller at Haggin Oaks.

“We have been carrying the HIRZL glove since the spring of 2010 and we have seen a increased acceptance of the gloves in the marketplace,” stated Pompei.  “Sales were outstanding and to see HIRZL once again out-sell every other brand we carry during our Golf Expo was impressive and true testament to how well these gloves perform and how well they are received by our customers.”

“We are extremely pleased to see our HIRZL gloves do so well with Haggin Oaks and their customers,” said Steve Gray, Vice President of HIRZL North America.  “HIRZL gloves sell themselves as golfers are buying them for their enhanced performance, durability and true value.   These great sales figures for the past three years indicate the tremendous support HIRZL has generated in the marketplace.”

HIRZL is a global pioneer in high performance sports gloves where innovation and precision engineering is at the heart of the HIRZL philosophy and is supported by a focus on design excellence and top quality production.  

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