Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cobra-Puma Installs HD Golf at Head Office

Manufacturer utilizes simulator technology for customer demonstrations & club fitting

VIP Clients invited to COBRA-PUMA GOLF's Canadian head office are able to test products in a realistic setting, with the recent installation of a High Definition Golf simulator.

"With HD Golf, we can precisely demonstrate the effectiveness of COBRA-PUMA equipment right in our office," said Shawn Currier, Technical Co-Ordinator for COBRA-PUMA GOLF Canada. "Our clients are enjoying a more engaging experience and we can provide them with instant feedback and detailed shot analysis after every swing."

The office, located in Montreal, provides club fitting for high profile clients, including celebrities, executives, PGA Tour Pros and other professional athletes. Currier says the simulator has been fully booked since its installation.

COBRA-PUMA GOLF joins a growing list of manufacturers, retailers and club fitters around the world, using HD Golf's for testing products & fitting clubs.

"It's important to do your research and invest in the right system," says Currier. "We know that how our equipment performs for customers on an HD Golf simulator is how it will perform on the course."

Currier says their sales team is also provided with invaluable customer data collected by HD Golf's integrated software package. Data includes shot distance (carry & roll), ball speed, club speed, launch angle, swing-path (outside/in, inside/out), club head angle at impact (within +/- 10th of a degree), ball spin and trajectory (fade, draw, hook, slice). The system also measures shaft flex profile, club head acceleration, position of maximum club head speed, angle of attack, load factor and swing tempo.

"We developed software specifically for testing and fitting equipment. You are able to study your customer's data and make recommendations based on key performance indicators that are captured and displayed by our simulators," says Todd Richardson, President & CEO of HD Golf. "With our system, it's easy to measure the performance of every club, shaft or golf ball being tested, and retain that data for your clients."

Many businesses also provide value-added services for customers, through their HD Golf's systems, including golf instruction and video swing analysis.

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