Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Loudmouth Golf Favorites Back in Stock

The pants below sold out so fast this spring, the company made more. But these are the LAST of them for Spring 2013. So click HERE get them now.

While you're at it, there's still time to sign up for the LMx Club and receive the Summer Treasure Chest.

The 1st Quarter LMx “Welcome to the Jungle” shipment was a roaring success and worldwide membership is growing. They’d like to include you.

Membership privileges:
* $200+ worth goodies in each Treasure Chest for only $125
* 2nd member in the household can join for only $90
* 10% off all purchases for the lifetime of your membership

For more information or to join, click HERE.

Contact: AmericanGolferBlog@gmail.com

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