Thursday, May 30, 2013

SCOR Golf Recognized by GOLF’s 'ClubTest' 2013 as 'The Top-Rated Wedges Tested'

(Victoria, TX) – SCOR Golf announced that its innovative SCOR4161 line of golf wedges were “the top-rated wedges tested” in the Golf Magazine’s ClubTest 2013 equipment reviews.  Amateur golfers ranging in handicaps from 1 to 21 tested the SCOR wedges against nine other brands in a variety of playing conditions on the course, driving range and short game practice area.  Results can be found in Golf Magazine’s June 2013 issue.

“We are honored by Golf Magazine’s recognition as the top rated wedge tested,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR Golf.  “The raters have confirmed what thousands of SCOR4161 owner comments in blogs and independent “Iron Byron” robotic testing have proven-that SCOR4161 is a complete re-invention of the short end of the set, and up to twice as accurate and twice as forgiving as any other wedge on the market.  On high face impact, for example, SCOR4161 clubs can get you up to 21 feet closer to the hole.  For SCOR Golf to be recognized by Golf Magazine’s Clubtest 2013 as the best wedge tested is validation that SCOR Golf is the innovation leader when it comes to scoring clubs technology and performance.”

Highlights of the Golf Magazine ClubTest 2013 include:
- “The top- rated wedges tested”
- “These feel like an extension of my hands. State your intention, and nothing gets lost in translation”
- “A versatile, fun family of scoring clubs”
- “Makes testers reconsider their current wedges as well as their short irons”
- “V sole can do it all”
- “Distance control-best in the test”
- “So easy to dial in shots large or small, excellent from the fairway; reliable on chips”
- “Perfectly weighted head flows through impact”
- “Crisp, consistent feel on all shots”

Golf Magazine’s ClubTest 2013 conclusion that SCOR4161 was the top-rated wedge tested confirms what we have set out to do- create innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs,” added Koehler. “Our five plus years of research and testing culminated in the development of the most comprehensive package of scoring technologies ever assembled.  Golfers no longer should talk about ‘just wedges,’ but now can ensure themselves the advantage of a complete ‘scoring system’ for shots inside 8-iron range. Every feature of these clubs is there to provide measurable shot making/scoring benefits for golfers of all abilities.”

More information on SCOR Golf and SCOR4161 can be found at or at 877-726-7670.


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