Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quantum Golf Putter Company releases new Quantum Roller putter

Physicist turned putter designer, Duane Engdahl, announced the release of his new golf putter technology to the worldwide golf market. His previous putter release, named the Quantum Finesse, was a perfected putter except for one thing. It turned out that the aluminum head mass of that putter was inadequate for precision putting. This has now been corrected with the release of the new "Quantum Roller" which is made entirely of costly high atomic weight Brass. This gives this new Quantum Putter superior feel, and a quantum improvement in putting precision plus the elegance which is unique to beautiful brass.

Engdahl says, "Nothing feels better than brass when it comes to putting. We started there with our legacy Quantum Putter back in 2002, and now after much trial and error we have returned to the basics of brass. In the interim we concentrated on the physics and physiology of putting, but we neglected to keep our focus on the very best material for putting golf balls into the cup -- Brass!

"Yes of course brass is more expensive, but who cares about material expense when it comes to winning a hole on the golf green. So we returned to brass, but we did not abandon our other improvements. Now we are confident that our new Quantum Roller is the best we can imagine for the art of putting."

The new Quantum Roller will be available for shipping after June 16, at the retail price of $295. We will be taking advance orders now while we await shipment of our first lot of heads from our machine shop in Phoenix. During this time, we will give our waiting list buyers a discount off retail price. All you need to do to get on this waiting list and get your discount, is email quantumputters@gmail.com and put QUANTUM ROLLER WAITING LIST in the subject line.

If you are already a Quantum Legacy, Simplicity, or Finesse putter owner, please let us know and we can also arrange for a full value trade-in of your current putter on the new Roller. We want you to be the best you can be on the golf green, and you can't be the best without having the best golf putter technology.

Contact: AmericanGolferBlog@gmail.com

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Unknown said...

brass putters always seem so promising! Somehow, when I used my brothers, I did much better! It was either the brass or the brass inspiration! Whatever it was, the brass really stylish too!