Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Edwin Watts Golf Releases ARC ClubSmarts Report Showcasing Performance Data on 2013 Fairway Woods

ARC Club Matching System Designed to “Club Match and Performance Fit” Golfers with Clubs that Best Perform to Swing Characteristics

(FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla.) - Edwin Watts Golf (, one of the world’s largest specialty golf retailers, and the first to conduct scientific robot testing of golf club performance, today released the June 2013 “ClubSmarts Report,” featuring the 2013 Fairway Woods Test and providing golfers with a “first-of-its-kind” club matching matrix. The report, which highlights the playability attributes of fairway woods introduced in 2013, is the centerpiece of Edwin Watts Golf’s ARC (Advanced Robot Certified) Club Matching System, designed to objectively “club match and performance fit” golfers with products that best perform to their swing characteristics.

Introduced in January 2013, the ARC Club Matching System, using advanced RoboFit Technology, has completed testing of 2013 Drivers & Fairway Woods using a multi-point face system, based on varying key impact areas. For the June fairway woods test, a nine-point face system was utilized based on six impact areas, including: full-face, center, high off the face, low off the face, off the toe and off the heel. As a result, the “ClubSmarts Report,” which features an easy to read Club Matching Matrix for Fairway Woods, is now available online at, as well as published in the popular Edwin Watts Golf catalog. The new report allows golfers of all playing levels to easily and effectively match their swing with the top performing fairway woods in three main categories: most distance, highest launch and gear effect for both fade biased and draw biased shots.

Today, the ARC System establishes a benchmark for game improvement by enhancing the in-store club fitting experience, as Edwin Watts Golf’s expert clubfitters now have access to unmatched golf club performance data to support fitting sessions via the in-store launch monitors and simulators. This enables golfers to quickly and easily choose clubs that best match their swing and will optimize their performance.

“Since we released the ARC System’s Driver Test in April, consumer response to our new club matching program has been tremendous, so we are excited to follow that up with the fairway wood performance results that are now published online and in our June catalog,” said John Watson, CEO, Edwin Watts Golf. “Using our exclusive robot testing, we can effectively club match and performance fit golfers based on independent scientific analysis of a golf club. The data from our testing enables golfers of all levels to get objectively matched with a club that performs to their swing, while helping them recognize the true benefits of today’s advanced club technology.”

Based on the ARC Club Matching System’s RoboFit Technology, golf clubs sold at Edwin Watts Golf stores, online and through the Company’s popular catalog, are tested by a state-of-the-art robot made by Golf Labs, one of the golf industry’s foremost experts on golf club testing and analysis. In turn, the Company publishes the “ClubSmarts Report,” featuring a proprietary ClubMatching Matrix that highlights the results in an easy-to-read format. On the heels of the driver and fairway woods testing, the ARC System, which is operated out of Edwin Watts Golf Uinta in Salt Lake City, Utah, will focus on hybrids and irons.

Adds Watson, “The ARC System is not created to judge a golf club as good or bad, but to independently evaluate its key performance features and how they match up to a golfer’s distinct swing. It also adds an easy, golfer-friendly dimension to the club fitting process, so for newcomers to the game and avid golfers alike, this is truly the best way to get fit with the right clubs and improve their game.”

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