Saturday, May 11, 2013

Loudmouth Golf Congratulates Kevin Bullard

Loudmouth Golf's Kevin Bullard joins the 2013 Callaway X Hot Long Drive team

(Foster City, CA) - Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright golf apparel, congratulates top long driver, Kevin Bullard who has been invited to join the 2013 Callaway X Hot Long drive team. Bullard is sponsored by Loudmouth Golf and wears Loudmouth's unique clothes while competing and performing.

Bullard broke onto the long drive scene in 2002, where he made a huge sound by finishing second at his first LDA Tour event. Since then, the boisterous, ball smashing, bomb dropping, Bullard, known as "The BULL", has astounded the long drive community with 8 tour wins and 10 trips to the RE/MAX World Long Drive Finals. Bullard is also an entertainer who features an action packed golf show filled with jokes, life stories, and amazing trick shots. As a former professional baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks, he has taken his former skills and converted them from 400 ft. fence clearing homeruns to jaw dropping 400 yard drives.

"I've seen the Bull reach back to hit it 400 yards on a par 4 before my very eyes and I also watched him capture a championship posting a 405 yard drive to take the trophy," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "Amazing displays of power and club head speed, but he still cries when Woody out drives "THE BULL".

Please visit: WWW.KBPOWERGOLF.COM for more information about Kevin.


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