Friday, April 5, 2013

The Traveling Golfer Show Visits Plantation on Crystal River

(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - The latest edition of the new Traveling Golfer show, for the month of April, comes from The Plantation on Crystal River, in Crystal River, Florida.

The show from Plantation on Crystal River is the third in a series of monthly shows hosted by Tony Leodora, an award-winning golf writer and broadcaster who also has 13 years experience in televised golf shows. On this stop Leodora shows viewers why Plantation on Crystal River is the ultimate family vacation spot. Aside from possessing a championship golf course within walking distance from the charming 196-room inn, the Plantation on Crystal River is a major center for ecotourism.

The Crystal River serves as the backdrop to myriad activities - from a lazy evening of watching the sun set on this natural paradise, to swimming with the manatees. The show also explores the many activities at poolside, as well as taking a close look at the 50-year-old golf course that has gotten better with age.

As per the usual format, the Traveling Golfer looks at every facet of planning a vacation at Crystal River ... always attempting to entertain, as well as inform.

The idea behind the show comes from never-ending demands to learn more about interesting golf courses and golf resorts across the country and around the world. The well-traveled Leodora will take viewers on video trips to some of the most exciting golf locations. Viewers will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from knowledgeable representatives at each destination and get an inside look at some of the best places to stay and play, both near and far.

"Golf travel has always been the most exciting part of the game for me," said Leodora. "I have played more than 725 golf courses around the world. I constantly get asked by golfers everywhere about exciting places to play. Now I can show them."

The Traveling Golfer airs on its home site - as well as a network of affiliate websites. The entire list of hosting websites can be found on the home website. Currently, the network reaches more than 650,000 unique visitors each month.


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