Monday, April 15, 2013

For Father’s Day - a Better Golf Swing

Swingbyte attaches to any club and sends video and other swing information to a smartphone or tablet

(CHICAGO, Ill.) – For about the price of a shirt and necktie, Father’s Day shoppers can give something many dads would rather have – a better golf swing. Swingbyte is a wireless 3-D swing analyzer that captures and sends video and key swing data to an app on a nearby smartphone or tablet. Working with an instructor or on their own, golfers can make swing adjustments to improve their scores.

Wrapping is also a breeze. Swingbyte, which sells for $149.00, is about the size of a flash drive.

Chicago-based Swingbyte recently announced Swingbyte 2.0, which improves on the original version by adding integrated video capability to a new mobile app. In addition to swing metrics such as club head speed, tempo, club face angles, club path, lie angle and attack angle, which were captured in the original app, video gives golfers a complete analysis of their swing.

“We are now able to see an accurate visual representation of what the body is doing in conjunction with full 3-D club data throughout the swing,” said Brian Payne, one of three Swingbyte founders who met on the first day of graduate school at the University of Chicago. “Whether golfers are visual learners or data-based learners, they’ll have all the information they need to improve their games faster within one mobile app.”

Swingbyte weighs less than an ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club contacts the ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3-D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app via Bluetooth. Digitized and video recorded images of the swing can be viewed on smartphones and tablets during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

Video integration is being added to Swingbyte’s capabilities through a free app update (version 2.0) for Apple devices with iOS 6 (and above) mobile operating systems. Android compatibility will follow later this year.

Golfers and their instructors can capture video by shooting with an iPad or iPhone down the target line. The app also enables simultaneous, side-by-side and synchronized coordination of video with Swingbyte metrics.

Swingbyte can be ordered through the company’s website,, and purchased at more than 1,800 AT&T retail stores. Swingbyte’s price of $149 includes the Swingbyte unit, the free Swingbyte app and an online account that includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.


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