Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Golf Mentor Introduces SnappyGolf for Beginners

SnappyGolf is a set of golf rules for beginners, designed to help them learn how to play golf confidently

(Sydney, Australia) - The Golf Mentor has recently introduced SnappyGolf, a set of golf rules, for beginners. Golf has many rules that are intended for skilled players and not for beginners. Thus, people who want to play golf feel awkward when they are just starting to play the sport. To solve this problem, The Golf Mentor provides beginners with a set of rules that are designed to help them learn how to play golf confidently. These set of golf rules are called SnappyGolf.

Often, golf rules are guided by an unfriendly obsession with strictness. SnappyGolf, on the other hand, is guided by the principle that beginners should enjoy their game. It modifies golf rules to give enjoyment to beginners. The rules are not applicable for playing in an official competition but is apt to be used in playing with friends at the golf course.

SnappyGolf Rules promotes enjoyment and courtesy, with rules applying to the practice swing, ready golf, maximum number of strokes, bunker play, hazards, out of bounds and lost balls. The rules stress that playing golf should be an enjoyable experience. Also, courtesy must be observed. SnappyGolf includes a rule that players must be courteous to their partners and must be considerate to other players by playing as quickly as they can.

In addition, as beginners find that a practice swing is quite often a waste of time, one practice swing is already enough. In case of bunker play, SnappyGolf gives players an option to get some practice in this difficult shot. For instance, beginners in golf can have two attempts, then drop out of the bunker if they are still in it, adding three more strokes to their score.

SnappyGolf is backed by The Golf Mentor. This new set of golf rules that are mainly designed to help beginners in golf become more familiar of the game. SnappyGolf is a great step forward in learning golf, so it is expected to catch the attention of beginner golf players.

For more information about SnappyGolf and the things it has in store, visit www.thegolfmentor.com/snappy_golf. There is also an amusing blog about SnappyGolf at www.thegolfmentor.com/articles.

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